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Menagerie X Ursi Sarna Mini collection

Updated: Jun 13

 I was so excited to learn @ursisarna fashion was inspired to make a mini collection for Menagerie dolls - So we decided on a COLLABORATION!

Ursi`s design and craftmentship is phenomenal - every outfit was a fully formed character off a movie set, and so I didn't need to do much but let the dolls take on their new looks effortlessly...

Watch out this weekend June 16 for a full reveal of our Collab!

Menagerie X Ursi Sarna Mini collection

4 full set dolls will be available ( 2 boys , 2 girls)

Meanwhile, follow @ursisarna via instagram and facebook,

as she is revealing her design creation process working for this collection-

I remember following along, super curious every day to see the beautiful little updates she was sending to my DM.

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