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Doll Manikins

Our Shapeways shop offers 3D-printed manikins specifically designed for Menagerie dolls. A wonderful tool for collectors looking to create their own unique Menagerie doll clothes. (shop is offsite)


Ordering a 3d printed Manikin

via our Shapeways  3d printing shop

A full manikin consists of :

1. Boy/girl head part

2. Any boy/ girl chest part

3. Any boy/ girl torso part

4. Any boy/ girl feet part

5. Any boy/ girl arm part

6. Any boy/ girl hand part

7. stand- boy–girl

MANIKINS (All Bodies now available from our Shapeways shop!)

Yes!!! Finally the Manikins are here, and available to you as a commission order, 3d Print.

But first, In the case that you are not familiar with Shapeways printing shop services, please kindly take a few moments to read about what is

involved in placing orders at a 3d printing house, such as Shapways:

>>>How to order via our Shapeways shop<<<


Ok! So you now that we are familiar with the pros and cons of this service,

and providing that you are up for it, and are still interested in  ordering with them – –


let me introduce to you the Manikin options for our Menagerie dolls:

First, the available bodies – all Menagerie bodies since 2017:

*Attention; Material in photo is a prototype, and not the final material



Each Manikin consists of 7 assembled and interchangeable parts, as this will:

A. make dressing and undressing the manikin an easier  task,

B. people will only need to buy the parts they actually want.

as each part can be bought on it`s own,
or together with other parts , and then assembled.



broad boy.jpg
natural girl.jpg
slim girl.jpg

Other assembly options:

3 part stand :

1  Boy/girl head part

2. Any Boy/ Girl chest part

3. chest stand-boy girl

chest stand.jpg
chest stand2.jpg

2 part stand:

1. Boy/girl head part

2. girl-wigstand-S orboy-wigstand-S

head stand.jpg
head stand-boy.jpg

Single Part stand: girl-wigstand  or boy-wigstand



If you have any questions regarding the assembly, or available options, you are very welcome to write to us directly via email:


…Ok Got it already!  – Take me shopping!!!


Got it! Take me shopping!



Broad Shoulder Boy (2020)

Narrow Shoulder Boy (2020)

2nd Gen Boy (2019)

Natural Posing Body Girl (2019) / Natural extra Posing girl (2021)

Slim Extra Posing girl (2021)

!st Gen girl (Attention:  only the the torso part is 1st gen)

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